As we all head into another lockdown, looking ahead to the next few months is challenging to say the least. The Long Barn has effectively been closed since the introduction of the rule of 6 and is now formally closed until the national lock down is eased.

The positive news is that we’ve never been busier for 2021, and when our guests are finally able to visit in large groups, boy is there going to be some celebrating to catch up on!

We are going to continue to blog each week on subjects that will hopefully lift your spirits and help us all look forward to more positive times. We’ll update you on village life and what’s happening as part of our own nature watch in the North York Moors. We’ll share our tips for hosting large groups, and also some of our favourite recipes. Finally, we’ll keep you posted on the updates planned for the Long Barn, including the masses of bulbs that Jackie will be planting shortly in the courtyard.

We are also keen to promote some of our amazing local businesses in the hope that we can encourage you to support some now (for Christmas shopping) and others that you may like to use when you stay with us in the future.

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Take care everyone.

Ian and Jackie