In 2012 we had a mid-life crisis (although one of Ian’s colleagues told us we had already passed that marker). We have always been customer focused in our careers and had dreamed about taking control of our lives and running our own business.

So, we took the plunge and decided to sell our house and set up a self-catering business for large groups of friends and family to meet up in style and comfort.

We Love Town End Farm

We opened our doors in October 2015 and have loved running The Long Barn ever since. We’ve been blown away by the number of guests who come back to stay more than once. It makes it all so very worthwhile.

The Renovations

Our houses have all needed lots of work on them. Through trial and error, we both gained plenty of experience; without this it would have been impossible to take on Town End Farm. The house and barns had been on the market for years and there were major building works that had put off potential buyers.

Adding to the challenges, Town End Farm is a grade II listed property in a National Park and Conservation Area. Eventually we navigated ourselves through the minefield of Planners, Conservation Officers, bat surveys etc and we started work in earnest in 2014. We needed money coming in, so Jackie carried on working with a long daily commute to Hull. Our builder Mike did a fantastic job along with Ian and the rest of the team to create a spacious, yet cosy retreat. Mike and his family are now close friends.

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