We like to support local businesses and this has become even more of a focus since COVID 19 hit. We believe we are so lucky that we have fantastic producers and small businesses close by and we want to support as many as we can to make sure they are all here for some time to come.
We have recently discovered Beth Dixon who runs The Florist North Yorkshire. Beth has loved all things flowers since she was a little girl and her first step down her professional road was to design the flowers for her own wedding a couple of years ago. She had a dream about setting up a floristry business which she turned into reality during the lock down by taking a floristry course.
She runs her business from the potting shed of her parents home in Sinnington, which is a pretty little village just 40 minutes walk down the hill from The Long Barn. Everything she sells she has made up herself and she also personalises every order.
Many of our guests are celebrating some special time when they are staying here, so why not get in touch with Beth and she can make up and deliver a bouquet for you.
Her ultimate dream is to grow her grow her own flowers, watch this space.