View over moorland towards trees with green bushes
Large oak tree in leaf growing next to a drystone wall
View down stream between heather on the moors

We are privileged to live in the North York Moors National Park. Living and supporting sustainable tourism in the local area is very important to us.

We are constantly reviewing what we do and how we can be more sustainable, whilst providing a high-quality guest experience.We’re not pretending to be perfect, but we are working hard to take as many sustainable steps as we can.

Here are a few of the things we are doing (for more details, check out the sustainability section in our digital Welcome Guide)

Overview from above of barn building site with yellow boiler being manovered into place
Yellow biomass boiler with door open, in a stone outhouse.
Wooden bench and table in garden in sunshine
  • The entire site is heated with a biomass boiler which uses wood pellets.
  • All bulbs in the barns are LED.
  • We provide a Quooker tap for guests to heat their water, a more efficient way than using a kettle.
  • We have minimal outside lights other than fire exits to avoid light pollution being in a dark skies area.
  • All toiletries are filled up between guests and come from Bath House in recyclable aluminium bottles.
  • The Long Barn garden is a green space for guests planted with perennial grasses and minimal pots to avoid the need for watering.
Male cyclist wearing helmet standing next to two electric bikes on country path
Man on electric bike on coastal track looking out to sea.
Roe Deer on hill side with woods behind
  • We promote the hire of bikes from Big Bear Bikes in Pickering to encourage guests to use these instead of their car. We ourselves own two electric bikes and recommend several local bike rides for guests.
  • We have a number of North York Moors accreditations which will appeal to walkers, cyclists, nature watchers and other outdoor enthusiasts.
  • We provide bike facilities for guests including bike storage, a bike clean area.
Wooden shed with sign on open door saying Farm Shop
Shelves in no packaging store showing range of dry goods for sale
12 brown and white hens eggs in a white tray
  • We champion local business to our guests including hidden gems that they may not have heard of e.g. when local markets take place.
  • We promote local catering options from where to eat out, to in house catering options.
  • We recommend hidden gems away from the more crowded spots for guests to enjoy.
  • We support the North York Moors country code, Share with Care within our welcome guide.

We also ask guests to help where they can from from exploring the North York Moors without using their cars, to supporting local businesses.

For the future, we are sourcing on site electric car charging points for guests.

Watch this space…