Bedroom with double bed and pink throw
Bedroom with double bed with iron frame
Double bed with blue throw

We are still scarred from our first ever skiing trip. As the last couple to arrive, we got the final bedroom aka the broom cupboard. Although that description is generous.

We also remember self-catering holidays away with a group of friends. One couple were always the first to arrive and bag the best bedroom. No names, no pack drill.

When renovating the Long Barn, we were determined that there would be no short straw bedroom.

In fact, we wanted to create a problem. That guests would struggle to decide which bedroom they would like as they were all equally lovely.

Self catering bedroom with double super king bed
Self catering bedroom with double bed
Dressing Table

Each bedroom had to have the best layout possible with good storeage space for clothes, enough sockets and a dressing table area. 

Beds had to be generously sized with options to split as many as we could. We were able to put superkings into 3 rooms; this means that all our single beds are generously sized. You can turn over in them without falling out.  We also made sure that some of the beds had no foot ends. Thank you to our friend Bob who told us that as a tall man, he’d never book anywhere with these.

Really comfy matresses as well as luxury bed linen were essential. We were very lucky that early on, we were recommended  matresses by friends who also ran a self catering cottage in Staithes. We’ve lost count of the number of guests who’ve asked where we bought them from. We should probably be on commision – we also sleep on them in the farmhouse.

Lots of guests ask about the bed linen (Duvets and pillows come from Soak and Sleep, bed linen from Beaumount and Brown) Our tip is to also invest in good quality matress and pillow protectors which also make the beds more comfortable.


Ensuite in self catering barn
Walk in shower in self catering barn
Shower over bath in self catering barn

Plenty of thought was put into each ensuite bathroom. Space permitting, we put in as many baths and showers as we could to give guests choice. We spent hours measuring up spaces and checking that they worked practically.

Each ensuite had either a caddy or shelf area to store toiletries (a pet hate when missing) There is also space to hang and dry towels after use.

It goes without saying that good water pressure and hot water was essential. We’ve all probably experienced the cold shower when the hot water runs out in a self catering cottage. Our wonderful biomass boiler means that there is constant hot water.

We are constantly tweaking and updating as we see good ideas in places we stay. We don’t claim to have got everything right.

We should have put a walk-in shower in one of the ground floor ensuites to improve accessibility. This was one of the January projects completed earlier this year and we’re really pleased with the result.

So we can confidently say that there is no short straw bedroom.

We think that if you stay with us, you will be spoilt for choice