Dining room with ceiling removed and no staircase
Table laid for a buffet

The dining room in the Long Barn looks very different to the space when we bought Town End Farm. It was originally single height with a bedroom over it. It had a staircase, but at the opposite end to the kitchen. So the room felt small and pokey.

In fact we were debating whether it would be large enought to be a dining room at all.

Step forward our wonderful architect Chris. He saw our dilemma and suggested taking out the ceiling completely to make it double height. Along with building a new staircase and landing the length of the room. Simple. 

As soon as we saw his plans, our hearts rose and sank. It was the perfect solution but would take more budget.

But in “the whole scheme of things” (a phrase often used during the renovations) we think it was worth every penny.

Hostess Trolley for self catering barn
Selection of glasses in the barn

Since then, the dining room has seen hundreds of celebrations. From 21st to 90th birthdays. From wedding anniversaries to big reunions.

The long teak tables comfortably fit 14 people with plenty of room for dishes and glasses. We’ve replaced the original chairs with solid oak chapel chairs. They’re both comfortable and robust.

The room length cupboards act as a huge sideboard, a perfect station for dishes of food or bottles of drink.

In the cupboards there are masses of glasses along with cutlery, serving dishes, platters and cheese boards. We also supply placemats, napkins, table runners, candle holders and night lights.

You”ll find a hostess trolly for warming plates & keep food warm. Along with a Sonos music system linked to Spotify. And a disco light that also syncs to the music system.

We can supply birthday bunting and link you into local suppliers if you want additional decorations. Just let us know when booking and we’ll do all we can to help. 

We think we have pretty much everything covered  for the perfect dining celebration.

(And for those wanting quieter entertainment, there is a cuboard packed with all sorts of board games)

All you have to do is decide who you want to celebrate with…..