One of the first signs of spring that we look forward to are the wild daffodils appearing in the woods.

The place that is best known locally for its daffodils is Farndale. In March and April, thousands of people visit the famous “Daffodil Walk” along the River Dove, stopping off for refreshments at the Daffy Cafe.

It’s a 3 1/2 walk along side the river from Low Mill to Church Houses and back.

Local folk law says that medieval monks from nearby Rievaulx Abbey planted the first daffodil bulbs here. But the wild daffodils (much daintier than the garden ones) are actually native plants. They are protected by law since 1955.

Whilst Farndale is a great day out, it can get very busy especially on a sunny day.

Our tip is to avoid the crowds and enjoy the daffodils locally in the woods just 10 minutes walk from the Long Barn.

Daffodils carpet the woodland floor in Hell Bank Wood woods. This is one of Jackie’s favourite walks from the door in Appleton. You’ll find the details of the walk with maps in the Long Barn.

And we can let you know the best spots for wild daffodils on the route.

It’s one of the most beautiful spots to enjoy the woods coming to life. Find a tree stump to perch on overlooking the River Seven. You may be lucky enough to see hare and roe deer in the woods.

Take a deep breath and drink it all in.