“Hanging Stones will be both discreet and dramatic. Visible to those who know it is there and hidden to those that don’t. It will be so rooted in what is already there that it would be difficult to say where the work begins or ends.”

Andy Goldsworthy 2018

Sshh……can you keep a secret?

Just 9 miles north of us is Rosedale Abbey, the starting point of this fabulous walk.

9 barns, 7 miles, 1 key. Magic inside each one.

Hanging Stones is a series of art works by the artist Andrew Goldsworthy and we feel so very lucky to have it on our doorstep.

The walk takes you through the beautiful Northdale or “Noddle” as it’s pronounced locally.

You’ll wind your way along the river Severn, through fields of sheep, up onto the moorland and back through some wonderful ancient woodland.

Look out for wildlife, especially the calls of grouse and curlew when you walk through the moorland.

It’s a strenuous walk but is well worth every step. We are keeping what you’ll find in each barn a secret; no spoilers on our watch. We promise that you won’t be disappointed.

We’ve now walked round Hanging Stone ten times.

Whilst the first time we stepped inside each barn was completely magical, seeing people’s reactions and hearing their gasps comes a very close second.

If you fancy this adventure, let us know when you book your stay with us, and we’ll give you details on how to get in touch with the key custodians.