There is something about a lovely Sunday lunch, and the good news is there are lots of options when you stay in the Long Barn. Sunday lunch is something that every pub and many restaurants pride themselves in serving. We may be biased, but we think the generous nature of a Yorkshire Sunday lunch in a pub is hard to beat. Be warned though, the best ones book up early so if you are thinking of a meal out, book in plenty of time.

There are lots of suggestions in our digital welcome guide of places to go, from our own lovely pub where you can rent a room just for your group, to the full Michelin star experience at the Star at Harome.

Or you may decide to cook a meal in the Long Barn; the kitchen is crammed full all the equipment you’ll need to do a great roast dinner. There are ovens a plenty, a 5-ring hob, hostess trolley, and more serving dishes and crockery than you’ll need. Plus two dishwashers that make cleaning up a breeze.

Whether it’s a rib (or two) of best beef from a local butcher, a couple of chickens (Ian’s desert island meal is a roast chicken dinner) or a nut roast, the choice is yours.

Our tips would be.

Plan ahead so that you can make sure you’re making the most of the amazing local produce. We can help you with our little black book of local suppliers from local farm shops, to an amazing organic veg farm where you can buy what you need from their honesty shop.

Do a running order of what goes in when; when it’s a roast chicken dinner cooked by Ian, it is planned with military precision. This can mean you can also time a local walk before knowing exactly when the oven has to go on, and the cooking to start.

After much trial and error, we can confidently recommend James Martin’s granny’s Yorkshire pudding recipe (you can scale this up or down), made with local eggs obviously. It really makes a difference if you can make the batter a few hours before. Muffin tins and bigger roasting tins are in the kitchen.

A roast dinner isn’t a roast dinner without the perfect roast potato. You may have your favourite potato (ours are Maris Pipers) Our trick is to parboil them ahead of time, shake them gently in the pan once drained and let them cool completely on a wire rack (you’ll find some in the barn) Then heat up your oil/fat of choice until smoking in a roasting tin, add your potatoes, basting them carefully before cooking them as usual in a hot oven.  

Choose an easy and traditional British pud for the perfect ending – rhubarb crumble or bread and butter pudding are favourites of ours. You’ll find some cookery books in the Long Barn kitchen if you are looking for some inspiration.

And if you decide to walk off your lunch afterwards, you’ll find lots of suggested walks from the door in our welcome guide. Equally, the living room is the perfect place to sleep it off in front of a movie. The choice is yours.