Autumn Colours

We had a beautiful walk at The Yorkshire Arboretum over the weekend, which is part of Castle Howard, the colours were just fantastic

There were loads of twitchers as apparently some rare Hawfinches had arrived, one of the bird guides we saw described these as enigmatic……didn’t see a single one!There are two walks to follow or you can just wander where you will, definitely worth a visit.

Two year anniversary

In October the Long Barn has been open to guests for two years, we have been amazingly lucky with almost all the weekends booked since we opened and in the busier months we have been full all week as well. The line from the film Field of Dreams “If you build it they will come” has certainly come true.Courtyard 2017We would like to send out a massive THANK YOU to all our guests, it has been a pleasure meeting you and many of you are coming back for another stay. It’s hard to remember where we started off, so as a little reminder here is how it used to be.West barnAt this stage we used to look out from the house and see tiles falling off as pigeons landed. And then we had to go backwards to go forwards.Barn roof stateThank you all so much

Ian & Jackie

Doorstep Delivery

Many of our friends thought we were cutting ourselves off by moving to a village, how wrong they were not only do we get milk delivered… collect our own eggs….. you try and get this type of doorstep service where you live.

Lambs delivered

Chicks on the way

This is one of our fertilised eggs in the incubator

Fertilised EggYou can clearly see some blood vessels developing in the egg, which is due to hatch on Sunday 17th of May…can’t wait.

We have done OK, out of the 20 Buff Sussex eggs 13 appear to be developing and 7 out of the 12 Blue Wyandottes are also on their way. Watch this space!

Poultry Partnership

Jackie has always wanted chickens, but we felt that the courtyard was not the place to keep them. Step in our neighbours Meg and Simon, they have chickens and in November last year we first helped out on feeding duty.

ChickensSubsequent conversations over supper brought in the concept of a poultry partnership… they have the field, hen hut and some chickens…we have a deep desire to have all of those things!  You may ask what are we bringing to the table? well, looking after them takes time and some commitment and we can provide that which also gives them some time off. The concept has come to reality today; we attended a rare breed auction and fought of stiff competition with aggressive bidding and have successfully bought  some fertilised eggs. These are now in to our poultry experts incubator and hopefully fluffy chicks are on the way. We have gone for some Buff Sussex and Blue Laced Wyandottes, these will be added to the existing chickens and so our poultry partnership is now a reality.

Egg chicken montageSo if you come and stay with us we can provide fresh free range eggs and if you are up early enough you can even help collect them!