wild garlic growing on woodland floor
Clsose up of wild garlic growing on woodland floor
Clump of wild garlic

Spring heralds the arrival of wild garlic in the woods near Town End Farm and gets us thinking about delicious things to make with it.

The weather has been pretty grey and wet here (as everywhere) so we have to admit that we are yet to do a foraging run. But we know that there is plenty in the woods, and we’re ready to go this week

Did you know that the wild garlic leaves are called ramsons and are a sign that the woodland you are walking in is very old? In Europe they are meant to be a favourite food of brown bears, hence the plants scientific name Allium Ursinum which means beer leek.

Wild garlic mix in food processor
Two jars of garlic pesto next to a wild garlic leaf
Garlic pesto in white rammekin

Top of our list to make is wild garlic pesto. We first made this in 2019 and over the years have refined our recipe. Here are our tips for foraging and making delicious wild garlic pesto.

Despite our best intentions, we’ve only ever made pesto from wild garlic (and used the garlic flowers in a salad – delicious)

But this is going to be the year when we make something more.

We will definitely be making pickled wild garlic buds and “capers” based on local chef Tommy Banks recipe from the amazing Palace of Preserves run by Dickie Jack. And we’re also going to make some wild garlic oil which can be stored in the freezer.

There are some great recipes on line from Gill Meller including using it in a tortilla or an onion bhaji with wild garlic raita.

We’re not sure that we are quite ready for the recipe of fermented wild garlic from Joe Bartlett but we are thinking of giving it a go.

Better get foraging!

What recipes do you like making with wild garlic?