Kitchen showing island
Dining Room Table with Pink and silver birthday balloons
View of barn interior showing table tennis and table football

Obviously, the best question a guest can ask is “can I book again” when they’ve stayed with us. We’re really proud that well over half our bookings are from repeat guests. With many more bookings coming from guest’s who’ve then recommended us to their friends and family.

So if that is you, thank you. As small business owners, personal recomendations of the Long Barn make a real difference to us.

We also love it when guests who’ve stayed with us ask for some information about something that they’ve experienced at the Long Barn. We hope it means that they want to recreate part of the memory of their stay back at home.

Hamper with a dozen eggs, cake tin, flowers and bread,
Bags of brownies for self catering guests
Baked bread, lemin drizzle, brownies and granola

Here are the five most frequently asked ones that we have with links through to the suppliers or information that we have.

  1. Where can I get the recipe for….?

We appreciate the lovely feedback from guests about the home-made goodies that we make for the welcome hamper. So you’ll find on our web site the recipes for our homemade toasted olive oil granola, lemon drizzle cake, brownies, marmalade and sloe gin.

  1. Where can I buy the coffee beans and oil?

We love to support local suppliers, and so we supply Roost Tonto Coffee beans in the welcome hamper along with Yorkshire Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Rapeseed oil. Both do mail order so you can enjoy their products at home.

Double bed with blue throw
Shower cubicle with grey tiles and white towels
Leaning dressing table

3. Where can I get your mattresses from?

We were so worried about making sure that we bought the right mattresses for the Long Barn when we set it up. A too soft or hard mattress can make or break our stay away. Ian had a disc taken out of his back many years ago and suffers sleeping on a mattress that isn’t right.

We were very lucky to meet a couple in our village who ran a self-catering cottage in Staithes (who’ve since become good friends) They recommended Dalesman mattresses from local Pond Cottage Antiques. We put the “firm” mattress onto each bed, and after very positive feedback from guests, bought them for our own bed in the farmhouse.

We think they are fabulous, and judging by the enquiries from our guests, many of you do too.

4. Where can I get your bedding from?

All of our duvets and pillows are feather ones from Soak and Sleep. (We do also have some microfibre ones for guests who request them) Each super king bed also has a mattress topper on it. We hate it when you can feel the “ridge” when sleeping on a bed which splits.

We also put Soak and Sleep mattress and pillow protecters on each bed which are padded; this makes them extra comfy and also means that the pillows are a little firmer. All other bedding and towels  are from Beaumount and Brown. Robes are from Soak and Sleep.

 5. Where are the leaning dressing tables from?

These are from the Futon Company; they have regular promotions running, so if you decide to buy one, wait until the next money off offer. 

Please don’t hestitate to get in touch if there is something else that you’ve seen in the Long Barn that you’d like more information on. It makes our day when people ask. And we hope that in a small way, we are contributing to the quality of sleep that many of our guests now have at home.