Selection of bright coloured flowers on display at the village show.
Tables set up with produce in village hall
Plates of red and white onions dressed for village show

Last weekend was one of the most anticipated events in the village calendar; the annual Flower and Produce Show. It is held in Appleton’s village hall and is open to residents from our village along with those from Lastingham, Spaunton, and Hutton Le Hole.

We know we are biased. But we think that the standard of entries rivals many of the big shows around us. There are many talented gardeners, cooks and crafters and competition is keen.

There are also strict “staging” rules which must be followed. As Jackie found to her cost when she dusted her victoria sponge with icing rather than castor sugar. Or Ian when his bread entry was not baked in a tin. Just one tomato too many or few and it’s instant disqualification.

Man with prize wining photograph wearing a purple rosette.
Green, red and blue cards showing winning categories at the show

We have a healthy competition with each other.  This means that we both have to enter exactly the same number of entries each time. And so far, Ian has beaten Jackie every year including this one. This year, we entered 5 classes each, and between us had two firsts, 5 seconds and a best in show.

Ian won first/best in show for a photo of the view down the valley from Appleton towards Pickering in the mist. Jackie’s first was for our wonderful hen’s eggs, so really it is a first shared between us and our poultry partners Meg and Simon. But it does mean that we can now offically say that our lovely organic eggs are prize winning.

Ian was pipped at the post for his bread by Sylvia (again); he also had second prize for two of his other photos. And Jackie won second prize for her roast plum chutney and her specimen lily.


Display of vegetables on black tray at the village show
Selection of cups and rosettes on wooden piano
6 Victoria sponges cut into for judging at village show

As ever, we look out for which classes to try for next year.

Will it be “Single Bloom and One Vegetable”, Floating Flower in Small Dish” or “Fat Rascals (ask for recipe)”? Or could it be “Baking Disaster (last minute entries accepted)”.

At 25p an entry, it’s a considered and serious decision. 

Watch this space…..

Flowers floating in saucers at village show
Woman and boy looking at village show vegetable entries
Selection of dahlias in vases at village show