It was exactly one year ago that we moved in to Town End Farm. Our mate Mike did the conveyancing and suggested that we set our completion date to the same as D day! We can’t believe we have been here for a year, but looking back we have achieved a huge amount. This week we have had the great news that the final planning permission has been approved, so we will be pushing ahead as fast as we can during the Summer months.
Things are progressing, but our yard is a bit of a mess at the moment.

TrenchesOne of the things about installing a biomass system is that we need to put district heating pipes in the ground between the boiler house and the properties. We might not be able to host a D day re-enactment event but we could certainly have a go at the Battle of the Somme!

Our ground is very rocky so it has taken 2 diggers to cut through, one pecking it in to pieces and the other with a bucket to remove the rubble. We will be delighted when the pipes arrive and we can claim some space back.